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Would you benefit from a boost of your batteries?

We all go through times that it seems no matter how much sleep we get or how many vegetables we cram into our meals we are just plain tired. Life is busy, it’s hard to find time to get some R&R even if our bodies are desperate for it.

Not to worry, I’ve got a few tips that can help out before you fizzle out!

Firstly, I know we go on about it a lot but it really is the best of the best… H2O is our helpful hero! We are all guilty of getting too busy to remember to have a drink of this brilliant stuff. Or perhaps we think it will work better as a heated caffeinated beverage. But, good ol’ plain water is what our body needs to keep running at its best. Forget the junk to add in, just have a glass of water!

Second, don’t get yourself zapped by Z’s. We all think if we are tired, we must need sleep. However, oddly this may not be the case. We all have different requirements as to how long we really need to sleep to be at our best. It could very well be that you’re sleeping too much and need to try to back it off a bit to find your beauty sleep balance. Also, be careful with cat naps! Sometimes it feels like if you just rest your eyes for a few minutes you’ll be able to take on the world after. Just make sure that those little resting moments don’t get out of hand and disrupt your sleep schedule. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to sleep when you need to at night.

Thirdly, don’t top up your tipple! A glass of your favourite adult beverage can sometimes sound like heaven after a long day or week. Just remember to keep a tally of your totties as it can disrupt your sleep. As always, if you have a drink please do so responsibly.

Also, don’t stress. Stress has such a high impact on our bodies and our ability to cope with daily tasks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a breath, take a minute and take your time. Stress causes all sorts of weird and wonderful reactions in your body and it can be bad for you in the long term. Feeling stressed or anxious takes up a lot of energy which can wear us down and make us tired. Find coping mechanisms that you enjoy to help you wind down or learn to say no when you don’t feel you can safely take on more things to do. Sometimes knowing our limits is the best thing for us.

Lastly, exercise! Sometimes, it feels like we have a mountain to climb just to accomplish what we need to do in a day so exercise may not be the top of the list. However, exercising regularly is a great way to de-stress and keep your energy levels up!

Hopefully this has been helpful to keep you hopping through your week! Let us know if you have any hints or tricks that keep you going, we’d love to hear from you!

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