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Sizzle your stress and feel your best

Stress is everywhere in modern day life and has evolved greatly from what our caveman ancestors will have experienced. Stress can be from anything like what we eat, how we act or just how we manage to get through our day to day. Our predecessors would have had stresses directly linked to survival in the moment or more fight or flight challenges. Where we seem to have a lot of stress about more long-term prospects as well.

Stress is a normal reaction within your body, but too much stress is not good for you. As much as we will never completely rid our lives of stressors, we can do things to manage stress and make sure we feel on top of it!

The NHS has a few suggestions as to best manage stress in healthy ways (please don’t try to manage your stress with cigarettes and alcohol as they can lead to their own health problems on top).

Don’t avoid what is stressing you! I know it’s easier said than done, but the best way to manage stress is to face it head on and get through it. This way, there’s not the time to overthink and let it blow out of proportion.

A problem shared is a problem halved. It’s easier to cope when you’ve got friends around you. Talking about what is stressing you can help to get it off your chest and put things into perspective. Take a step back and share what’s stressing you and you may find you feel better.

Self-care is something easily neglected when we feel we are too busy to stop and put our feet up. But, we all need to take some time just for us. So we can recuperate, restore and refresh ourselves to be at our best. Don’t forget you!

Set yourself goals to meet, and learn something new! Don’t overload your plate and cause yourself more stress, but finding something to do for yourself that you can enjoy and keep busy with is great! Once you reach your goal it’s a great confidence boost!

Keep your chin up! The power of positive thinking can never be promoted enough. Look at the situation in a positive manner and you’ll find it much easier to overcome than if you look at it from a perspective of fear or dread. Make your mountains into molehills and you’ll conquer the lot. Not to mention, it may help you think creatively to solve your problems easier! Prioritise and chip away at things in a way that makes a big difference to you and makes you happy. This will make tasks much easier to accomplish in the long run.

Don’t lose sleep about the things you can’t change. We all face challenges in our lives that we can do absolutely nothing about. This is where you can employ coping strategies to get through tough situations and come out on top. Try some exercise or doing something new. Something that will keep you positive and healthy to take on these challenges as they crop up.

What do you do to manage stress? We’d love to hear from you!

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