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Pets and Health

We’ve all heard of man’s best friend. But, why is your dog or in fact any other pet good for us? Do they have an impact on our health and well-being? Of course they do! Whose heart doesn’t warm when they come through their door after work to find Fido or Fluffy waiting for you?

We can tell them anything, we can count on them to be there when we need them, and they can just be a bit of company to help stave off loneliness and depression.

Our dogs are great encouragement for a good bit of exercise. Whether it’s taking them to the park for a good game of fetch, or just going for a nice long walk to stretch their legs. Hey, we even meet people with similar interests while we’re out walking our furry best friend. That’s a good well-rounded way for our canine companions to help us on our daily lives. 

Dog ownership is great for your heart! Dogs help to lower our blood pressure and cholesterol and help us heal if we do happen to have any cardiac catastrophes. Being with dogs helps to lower anxiety and stress levels, which again is great for our hearts and the rest of us!

Dogs help us when we need it most, when we need someone by our side to hold our hand and sometimes literally guide us through our lives. Guide dogs are a great resource to help keep our independence if we need support out in the public or in our homes. Dogs have been used to assist the blind for years, and have also been taught to open doors, help with the laundry and to detect and seek assistance in the event their human companion has a seizure! Way to go Fido!

We do have to keep in mind that dogs may not be for everyone, that’s why we have also looked into the benefits of feline friendship!

Did you know it has been scientifically proven that a cat’s purr helps to heal muscles, bones and tendons? That’s down to the vibration frequency range in which a cat purrs which is at approximately 20-140 HZ.

Many people, especially women have reported that they sleep much better with a cat, even more so than with their partner! It’s not all cosy though, sometimes they do cause a sleep disturbance instead. Probably looking for a delicious midnight snack!

Cats also reduce stress and anxiety just like their canine counterparts, which again has great benefits on our heart health. As cats are known to be rather low maintenance, this also means less stress for their humans. Less stress and a good petting session? Count me in!

Studies have even shown that simply watching your favourite cat videos on the internet help you to feel more positive! Maybe that’s why the internet is so obsessed with cats? Definitely the feel good factor.

This isn't to say that only cats and dogs can benefit our health. Any pet you fancy will help promote those positive warm fuzzy feelings and a sense of responsibility. Sometimes just having a presence with you that you love and look after is enough to keep your heart pumping and a smile on your face. 

All this being said, before you go out to the nearest RSPCA to adopt a furry friend, make sure you do your research and that you’re sure you’re ready for the commitment. Some of us may dote on our furry friends, but we need to keep in mind what lifestyles we lead and make sure that we will provide the best possible life for our new family members. Different breeds of dog and cat can have different temperaments, so spend some time thinking about what would suit your household best to ensure you have a lovely lifetime with your new loved one!

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