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Make room for mushrooms!

They say you are what you eat, and this week I decided I wanted to be a fun guy.. So I thought I’d do some research to see the other health benefits that our favourite fungus among-us can provide!

Admittedly, mushrooms aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Personally, I find them a lovely versatile addition to many of my meals. You can slice them or stuff them or use them as toppings on your favourite pizza!

There are many different types of mushrooms, not all of which are edible. Mushrooms contain a few surprising things in their simple looking selves. Mushrooms are a source of fibre and protein and they also contain an antioxidant called selenium. The amount of antioxidants can also vary depending on how they are cooked. It is more beneficial to microwave or grill your mushrooms to get the most antioxidant boost.

Mushrooms are also a source of B vitamins and surprisingly a source of vitamin D as they soak it up from the UV lights they are grown under. This means whether they’re grown indoors or outdoors they still absorb vitamin D for you and me!

Mushrooms have been shown to help lower cholesterol and improve heart health. With all of the lovely antioxidants found in mushrooms, there is evidence to show that they can also protect us from the cell damage.

Research regarding the benefits of mushrooms is ongoing so watch this space! That’s all from us today. But let’s face it.. With all this info there’s not mush-room for anything else!

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