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Improve your wellness with water

So you want to improve your personal wellness but not sure where to start? Should you start by eating less ‘unhealthy food’ and exercise more? You could – but we think the easiest place to start on your journey to a better wellness is to simply drink more water throughout the day. Why is that? This article helps highlight three key benefits of drinking water and ways to remember to keep on top of your recommended daily intake.

1) Increased energy and relieves fatigue

It’s Monday morning and you have an important 9am meeting. Do you reach for the usual espresso to keep you focused or should you reach for a glass of water? Before you reach for the espresso, water has been proven to help you think, keep you focused, and even boost your energy levels. Maybe that glass of water sounds more tempting after all.

2) Promotes weight loss

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something readily available that helps aid weight loss and doesn’t break the bank. Hello again my liquid friend. If you have a glass of water before eating a meal you naturally fill up part of your tummy so you will need to intake less before getting that ‘I’m satisfyingly full’ feeling. It also keeps those pesky hunger cravings at bay. But surely there must be some calories in water? Nope. No calories!

3) Natural headache remedy

Do you stare at a computer screen 9-5? Need to stay focused for long periods of time? Or both! Sounds like the perfect conditions for getting a headache if not worse, a migraine. So what can you do to lower the chance of getting one? Most headaches are caused by dehydration so the simplest way to prevent them is to keep hydrated.

Keeping on top of your water intake

Experts recommend roughly 2 litres of water a day. Crikey! It sounds like a lot but actually it’s not that bad if you work out how much fluid you normally in take. Simply swap out a few of those teas and coffees and you’re on your way. What if I don’t drink much I hear you ask? There are many phone apps out there which are geared up to try and make you healthier. Some apps specifically for monitoring and reminding you to drink water.

And that’s it! Hopefully this post has highlighted a few of the many key benefits of drinking more water and how simple tweaks to your lifestyle can mean you can easily achieve the big scary two litres a day target!

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